Owned by the CNY NRHS


Streetcar: NYS Railways #1036

G.C. Kuhlman Car Company

Built in 1916 for New York State Railways’ Syracuse lines → NYS Railways reorganized in 1939 as Syracuse Transit Company → Streetcar service in Syracuse ended January 4, 1941. Number 1036 operated until last day → DeMichele family purchased streetcar for use at their camp in Lakeport → DeMichele family donated car to Plank Road Historical Society of North Syracuse for restoration in 1988 → Spaghetti Warehouse Restaurant purchased car in 1994 and placed it in storage → After deciding not to use it in 1996, the restaurant donated the car back to the Plank Road Historical Society, which displayed it as a traveling trolley “museum.” → The Plank Road Historical Society donated the 1036 to the CNY NRHS in 2006
On display at Central Square Museum

Brill gas-electric rail car

Gas-Electric Car M-39

J.G. Brill Company

Built July 1929 as PRR M39 →Huntingdon & Broad Top Mountain #27 → Upon demise of the H&BTM in 1954, purchased by Dr. Stanley Groman for his Rail City in Sandy Pond, NY → Acquired by CNY NRHS in 1994.
On display at Central Square Museum

Rail Diesel Car

RDC-1: PRSL #M403

Budd Corporation; Red Lion, PA

Built Sept. 27, 1950, as Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines (PRSL) #M403 → NJ DOT #M403 (1969) → New Jersey Transit #5181 (1981) → Acquired by CNY NRHS in 1987.
Under repair at Martsco Station siding (7/09)

      The M403 rolled out of the Budd Corporation’s Red Lion plant in Philadelphia on September 27, 1950, the 13th of 396 Rail Diesel Cars built by Budd. It is a ‘Phase 1’ model, characterized by flush mounted headlights and larger end windows.

     As one of 12 RDCs built for the Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines (a consolidation of competing routes of the Pennsylvania and Reading Railroads), the M403 originally ran between Philadelphia, Atlantic City and the southern New Jersey shore.

       In October 1969, the PRSL’s Budd Cars were sold (for $1 each) to the state of New Jersey, which overhauled them and took over their maintenance. PRSL continued to operate them until September 30, 1975, when New Jersey substituted bus service on the Philadelphia – Atlantic City route. At this point, the PRSL Budd Cars joined others owned by New Jersey Transit on routes in other parts of the state. In 1981, New Jersey Transit renumbered M403 to 5181. The car was retired in 1983.

        The CNY Chapter of the NRHS purchased the 5181 on Aug. 21, 1987, and changed the number back to the original M403.


Engines: Two 300hp Detroit 6.110 diesels Drive: Allison hydraulic torque converter. Spicer drive to one axle on each truck
Length: 85 feet

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