Owned by the CNY NRHS

E8A: DL&W #807

General Motors Electro-Motive Division, Serial 16787

Built November 1952 as Pennsylvania Railroad #5761A →Penn Central #4261 →MBTA #4261 →Green Mountain RR #4261 → CNY NRHS #807 →Iowa Pacific/Saratoga & North Creek Railroad (2012)

E8A: DL&W #808

General Motors Electro-Motive Division, Serial 16771

Built September 1952 as Pennsylvania Railroad #5702A → Penn Central #4274 →New Jersey Transit #4305 → CNY NRHS #808 →Iowa Pacific/Saratoga & North Creek Railroad (2012)

80-ton Industrial: Hanson #6

General Electric

Allied Chemical at Jamesville Quarry → Hanson → private owner, leased to CNY NRHS → CNY NRHS (2003) → Following vandalism, locomotive scrapped in 2013. Parts donated to Rochester Genesee Valley Railroad Museum

James E. Strates Shows #2

Pullman Company

Built in late 1920s for Illinois Central Railroad as the “Palm Lane,” a 3 bedroom-buffet-drawing room-lounge-solarium car → Purchased by James E. Strates Shows in 1956 → Donated to CNY NRHS in 1972 after car was in a flood in Wilkes-Barre, PA. In 2012, the car was leased to Iowa Pacific Corp.

Skaneateles RR Baggage Car

The 32-foot baggage car was built in the 1870s for the Skaneateles Short Line Railroad → It was used for a CNY NRHS-sponsored  excursion on May 23, 1965 → Sold to Clinton Station Restaurant in Syracuse in 1973, where it was converted to a dining room; When restaurant failed after a few years, it remained at the site for several more years → Donated to CNY NRHS c.1984 and placed in storage → Deeded to Dick Barry of Frank Tartaglia Railroad Contractors, where it was restored and included in company offices on East Molloy Road. 

(Source: “Short Lines of Central New York” by Richard F. Palmer; 1996; CNY NRHS Inc.)

Lake Erie & Northern #797

Lake Erie & Northern Interurban #797 operated in southern Ontario. In the 1950s, Chapter member Lawrence Meloling arranged fan trips on the electric line. When the LE&N abandoned passenger service in 1955, Meloling got them to donate one of the old wooden frame combo cars that had a low scrap value. It came on its own wheels to a station in Oswego County, and then was trucked to Rail City and put on a track that was planned to be electrified. When Rail City folded, the CNY NRHS had no place to store or display the car. It was sent to Kennebunkport Museum in Maine, where it was stored. From there, it went to the Halton County Radial Railway in Milton, Ontario, where it is currently under restoration. Thanks to the CNY NRHS, it is the only piece of passenger equipment saved from the line.

Interurban: SSBL #200

Cincinnati Car Company

Built in 1908 for the Syracuse & South Bay Line → Car transferred to Empire State Railways and operated until 1931 in Auburn service → Acquired by Plank Road Park in North Syracuse and stored there → Donated to CNY NRHS in 2009. In November 2014, it was transferred to Cicero Town Historian and Chapter member Tom Mafrici, who is restoring it inside a specially-built Quonset hut on his property.

The car was originally varnished green when built by Cincinnati Car Company in 1908, but then color changed to red. The car seated 56 people, weighed 45 tons, was rated at 125 H.P. and could reach a speed of 60 mph.

Under renovation in Cicero by Tom Mafrici.